The DVBMax can be flashed by different ways.

You can use Upgrade_dvbmax.exe under sw-RS232 directory to flash through his serial port with a null modem cable.
Another way is to use a USB stick (flash drive).

Copy the files from the zipped file (ex : DVBMAX-app-1.7.5_maincode.rar) on the root directory

The files are :





Insert the USB stick into the front USB slot on the DVBMax.

Turn on your receiver.

Press ‘MENU’ on the remote control

Inb the Main Menu, goto Tools, Select Upgrade By USB.


If your USB stick is correctly inserted the correct files, you’ll see the Upgrade File
Choose ‘AllCode’ for ‘Upgrade Mode’, and select ‘Start’
Yes to start the flash of your DVBMax


Once your receiver is upgraded, Goto ‘CAS’ menu,
Select BISS/DCW menu


Press RED button on remote control to load Biss Keys



Return to ‘CAS’ menu and select ‘Plug-in EMU’



After, you can configure into ‘Installation’, ‘Antenna Setup’ your antenna configuration, and start a scan into ‘Service Search’.